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We talk about this and that. Sometimes blue. We include a significant Музон. We listen to new albums or those that have not yet listened to me. Under funny and vulgar comments, of course. Join. There is a mini-chat where you can write any garbage. Later I will add telegram details. How did they bully them with their ergistration requirements .... What the hell is this

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Broadcast Started 2 days ago
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Description: JUST RAP
Genre: rap
Website: https://enemy.caster.fm/
Bitrate: 128

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Если, вдруг, радио остановилось, то просто перезагрузите страницу. Аренда сервера - бесплатная и отсюда не все так солнечно, как хотелось бы.

Rap,Hip-Hop, Metall, Classic Rock, Reggae, Alternative, Anywhere. Jokes. No more figs to add about this radio. Haven't used this service for a long time, I forgot everything. Let's start over. On the bright path, as they say. radio description. possibly change. they were too puzzled by the requirement to invent as many as 25 unique words))) Registration does not work at all. I just write text. upgraded

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Радио ENEMY - это любительское радио, все шутки, которые вам покажутся оскорбительными, были точно адресованы не вам.